“Help Japan” Poster / Workshop


(ENGL)  On March 11th, 2011, Japan was hit by the most powerful earthquake in at least 100 years.  A design contest took place through the internet where Various artists created a poster, (which was often based on the red famous sun)  in order to sell it at an auction. The money then went to the victims of the Tsunami. Inspired by all the designs we saw at that time, we decided to use the frame of this contest for our workshop and create an “help Japan”poster made of collages.


(FR)  En 2011, une compétition ouverte à tous les amoureux du design fut mise en place sur le net  pour venir en aide au sinistrés du Tsunami. Nous nous sommes référés au cadre de cette compétition pour réaliser un poster help Japan par collages.


texte atelier poster