About Me

I am an illustrator and digital artist based in France. 

Technique and inspiration

I love:

– Playing with colors and textures, transforming a drawing from a doodle book into a postcard , a poster or a  jewel –  Exploring the back and forth between words and images – Making space for children ‘s creativity.

I’m mainly inspired by nature, women, and traditional decorative patterns. I also like to explore the making of portraits which, as static as they might appear at first sight, happen to provide a narrative and vivid imaginary world. 

I create mixed, traditional and digital illustrations. My favorite process is to digitally apply sharply cut textures on my handmade drawings, while playing with their transparencies. I am looking to create an overall naive flat aspect, which in my opinion creates a poetic, childish atmosphere. A kind of digital collage with the initial drawing seeing through.

Like most illustrators, I took a liking to drawing and painting with Procreate. I am fond of its fantastic brushes rendering.

I also enjoy creating floral seamless pattern designs to be printed on surface and fabric as well as included in my own illustrations.

I like to practice and teach doodle making in order to encourage creative thinking and celebrate the imperfection of ideas which might be a start for future drawings.

Prior to illustration:

I was first trained as a social worker. I worked in Child-Protection for 10 years, both in Lyon (France) and East-London (Newham). I also hold a Master’s degree in Anthropology (Lyon II university). At some point I found myself abroad: new culture, new language. I had been drawing as a hobby ever since I could remember. I then decided to make it more official and taught myself about everything I know by now about digital drawing and using a tablet.

I am currently living in France.

Current project

2022. I am publishing my first children’s book as an illustrator. It is called “Luno”, a flutist in search of melodies. It is so far published in Israel because the story was originally written in Hebrew. The author of the book is also a researcher at Jerusalem university. I will soon propose a french translation to editors in France.

For work inquiries, or to say hello, please email me @stolar.com